Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Exhibition!

Exhibition poster
Well, things have been rather busy, what with the Worthing Open Houses and our very own exhibition!  

It's the first time that I have been involved in an exhibition that wasn't totally organised by someone else (e.g. College etc).

When we arrived at the gallery on Friday afternoon to set up, it really did seem like an awesome task to get everything ready by the private view at 6pm.

Some of Naomi Frances' and Fiona Blair's prints
The artists involved were:

Marie Vickers
Naomi Frances
Fiona Blair
Paul Woolford
Vicky Ilot
Charlotte Fielding

One of Fiona Blair's lovely handmade brooches 

And another one...

Gorgeous Fiona Blair butterfly painting

Charlotte Fielding's Oranges

Paul Woolford

One of mine - but terrible pic!

Naomi Frances 

one of my candles

one of my hand decorated mirrors (Doris Day style)

One of Naomi's lovely stained glass pieces 

One of mine

one of my mirrors

my candle/plate/mirror table

But we did it, and it was great to do!  Unfortunately, the general 'foot fall' in to the gallery was massively hindered at the weekend due to (a) the God-awful weather and (b) Andy Murray getting in to the Wimbledon final.  I LOVE Wimbledon and have waited for this event for YEARS but I had to MISS it!!

Marie x

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