Monday, 21 May 2012

Messy times

I seem to always end up working in a bit of a mess, despite best efforts to keep organised! 

However, not surprising really, as I have been a little busy finishing off some projects...

First of all, I FINALLY finished my quilted throw, done using free-motion quilting and this took a lot of time, and a LOT of thread...

work in process - not long to go now...

Front of the quilt

back of quilt - used a "stippling effect"
Also, my daughter was delighted that I also finished her dress this week.  It should have had a lovely pink sash to go with it, but she insisted she didn't want one!

The finished dress!
My beautiful daughters

I have now started working on a new quilt from a Moda Jelly roll I was given as a gift for Christmas... I really love the colours and fabrics, so hopefully I will do it justice!

Marie x

Monday, 14 May 2012

Brighton Creative Stitch & Hobbycraft Show

Saturday was the first lovely day we have had (weather-wise) for a rather long time.  Great day to be in Brighton!

My initial impression of the show when we first went in, was a bit of a disappointment, to be honest.  My main interest was to see the sewing loveliness and all I could see were stalls and stalls of beads and paper crafts, which of course are great, but not what I had been hoping to see.
Beads, beads, beads...
But hark!  Another hall! FULL to the brim of sewing, stitching, quilting...

I first found the Madeira Embroidery Competition - "Best of Blighty" - WOW

Jennifer May Lehm - Denmark

Sally Wilson

Claire Wood West Yorkshire
Close up of the larger piece above

Close up of the swimming part of the larger piece above

a bit more detail
The overall winner - Michelle Blower, Staffs
I then came across a stand featuring an outstanding piece of work by Karen Casper (click on her name to take you to her blog) who is a Mixed Media Textile Designer, the most amazing dress with soooo much detail in it.  She happily told me it took about 200 hours to do!!
and this is just a TINY part of the detail this dress features!
Byron-inspired work by Barbara Taylor

Beautiful work by Barbara Taylor

And a rather lovely chair by a student at Portsmouth College (sorry - no name!)
Beautiful Quilt by the Quilter's Guild

So all in all, a rather outstanding day! There was so much inspiration around...oh, I almost forgot - a gorgeous machine-embroidered piece by a local designer from Hove called Wendy Dolan (
Wendy Dolan, textile artist
Marie x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I be making a dress...


I have had this book for quite a while now, Girls World by Jennifer Paganelli.  (click here to read a review)

I have been quite nervous about actually attempting any of the lovely things in it... until now.

The dress I have chosen is called the Mary's Fancy Sash Dress. 


It is going quite well so far, I have traced the pattern, chosen my fabric and cut the pattern pieces.  My daughter is very excited and impatient for me to get on with it!


I'm off now to do some of the sewing bit (the best part!) and will update my blog with my progress!

Marie x