Monday, 17 September 2012

Resin-Obsessed Part 2

Finished resin pendants
Well, I'm quite annoyed at myself today.  I made a large batch of resin, and managed to spill most of it. Bad day for butter-fingers...grrr...

Look at all the mess!!!!!

It doesn't take long for a mess to form, despite best efforts to try and organise myself properly before I begin!

Freezer paper, rubber gloves, wooden sticks, plastic cups, scales, wipes...

some nice bottle tops taking shape

However, that said, I do love how they turn out in the end!

Marie x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Various resined items
Summer holidays are finally over and life slowly getting back to normal.  Not had much opportunity to get on with any art work, as such.

However, I have become a tad obsessed with resin.  I first saw a lady demonstrating its uses at Brighton Stitch and Hobbycraft show earlier in the year.  Since then I have been hooked.

Everywhere I look, I'm thinking "I could embed that!"
It does get a bit messy though
It takes 24 hours (ish) to cure and I am not a very patient person! So if you are doing multiple layers, it can take days to finish off a project.
embedded with an old poster

sequins and silver leaf

a bottle top with an image I really liked

But that aside, Ive also discovered how great it is when you use it to cover a canvas of work!  It looks amazing. 
Look at that gorgeous glass-like finish!
The only drawbacks really, are the time it takes, that the fumes could eventually kill you and it costs a fortune.  But hey, I'm too addicted to care!

Marie x