Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Free Motion Embroidery and the Homeless Project

I have been neglecting my sewing machine in recent times, so I felt it was overdue a bit of a run out.  I have always enjoyed free motion embroidery and really wanted to 'marry up' a bit of art work and some sewing.

I chose some images that I really like, and then copied them on to fabric.
This one is based on a Tamara De Lempicka painting
I then added some fabric paint to give it some vibrant colour.

This bird has silver fabric paint, although this photo is quite dark :(
I have made a bag so far and planning to make some cushion covers too.

Recently, The Worthing Homeless charity have an ambitious project for the summer.  They want 500 artists to do a portrait of a homeless person, based on a brief description of their circumstances only; in any media you wish. This represents each individual homeless person that the charity have had through its doors in 2012.

My profile told of a man who is British, in his 60s, used to live in Florida and has round the clock medical needs.  Due to various issues since he came back to England, he is now homeless.

I decided to portray my gentleman in embroidery, and lay his life (as I know it) on to a tea towel, depicting his move from Florida to Worthing where everything is 'Sunny' and 'lovely' by the sea.  In the midst of this, is a man who is almost invisible to everyone else.  I liked the 'tea towel' concept as it is something we all generally use but have little regard for; it just 'is'.
My sewn 'invisible' man

in situ, on a vibrant background of sunny postcards of 'ideal living' by the sea

close up
Later in the year, all of these artworks shall be displayed as part of the Worthing Open Houses, and then auctioned off to raise money.

Earlier this year, artists were invited to chose artwork they would like to go on Worthing Pier for a year.  I was very excited as I had two pieces chosen.

Saturday was the grand unveiling, but it must have been about -4c and was FREEZING.  So the pictures I took are not the best, but as soon as that sun comes out, I shall be straight back there to do a better job.
My lino print

My landscape image

This was a great event organised by Creative Waves (Vanessa Breen and Nadia Chalk) of Worthing.  It sure does brighten up the pier!  If you are ever passing by - pop on the pier and have a look - the art work looks fantastic!