Monday, 30 April 2012

Something FINISHED!!

Kat Von D
I saw this gorgeous photo on Instagram recently of Kat Von D, and really wanted to turn it in to a stencil for some fabric I have...
My Kat Von D stencil

This was the first time I have attempted a fabric stencil, but the freezer paper made it really easy to do (all-be-it slightly fiddly in places).  I really like it!

And I have FINALLY finished the skirt I have been making on my dressmaking course!  Whoop!!!

My very straight top sewing!!

Bias hem!!

The finished article!

And something my lovely little girl made today...

Clay people

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Works in progress...

I seem to have unfinished bits and pieces everywhere...

The dressmaking course I started is going very well, and the skirt itself is almost finished.  I am quite proud that I have learned to top sew - IN A STRAIGHT LINE! And finished a hem with some bias tape *proud moment*!

My quilted throw has stalled, the free motion embroidery is taking aaaaaages, plus not helped by the fact I had to unpick a load of it, as I had sewn part of the backing that had folded back on itself.. grrrr...

But on the PLUS side, I have been working on some lovely mirrors I found at a car boot fair.  They looked a bit sad, to say the least, so they have been given a make-over, and I love them!
1930s style make over

Vintage notions make over

1950s style make over

Homage to Singer make over! (some of the clipart featured here is courtesy of the Graphics Fairy)
My next post is going to include the pictures of my FINISHED items.  (Always helps to give yourself a deadline!)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pretty blog stuff

I have come across a lovely site for "prettying up" my blog.  So, have spent many hours this week trying different looks and have found it hard to settle on one!

Also spent my time prettying up some lovely frames, and like the results so far (photos to follow soon).

Much time has also been idled using Instagram.  My son and I went to Brighton on Sunday (same day as the Brighton Marathon) and he persuaded me to go on to the Brighton Wheel.  As someone who hates heights, this was no mean feat.

However, that said, as it was only a ten minute ride, I coped ok and got some lovely pics!

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier from up high

Brighton Marathon using Tilt Shift

Brighton Pier Instagram style

Monday, 9 April 2012

Candle Art

Been rather busy over the last week.  I had a bit of a brainstorm and decided I would like to see my artwork on candles - plus other lovely images too.

I think that I would like to sell these, I am pretty confident that these are something people would want to buy...

So here are my first tentative pics... (already made lots and lots besides the ones I have photographed!)

sewing ad from the 50s

One of my watercolours

Another of mine

Great vintage cigarette ad