Monday, 30 April 2012

Something FINISHED!!

Kat Von D
I saw this gorgeous photo on Instagram recently of Kat Von D, and really wanted to turn it in to a stencil for some fabric I have...
My Kat Von D stencil

This was the first time I have attempted a fabric stencil, but the freezer paper made it really easy to do (all-be-it slightly fiddly in places).  I really like it!

And I have FINALLY finished the skirt I have been making on my dressmaking course!  Whoop!!!

My very straight top sewing!!

Bias hem!!

The finished article!

And something my lovely little girl made today...

Clay people


  1. I love your fabric print - the freezer paper trick sounds canny!

    I admire your sewing skills, I have a bag hanging in the cupboard under the stairs with a half made skirt. I cowered before the zip lol. Well done, it looks great.


  2. Hi Fiona

    I Find zips scary too - the skirt I made has an elasticated waist, so have managed to avoid them so far...

    I love your prints, I am a big fan! :)


  3. I love the fabric of the skirt! This is such a good idea, looking forward to seeing how this turns out! XxxX


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Marie :)