Monday, 14 May 2012

Brighton Creative Stitch & Hobbycraft Show

Saturday was the first lovely day we have had (weather-wise) for a rather long time.  Great day to be in Brighton!

My initial impression of the show when we first went in, was a bit of a disappointment, to be honest.  My main interest was to see the sewing loveliness and all I could see were stalls and stalls of beads and paper crafts, which of course are great, but not what I had been hoping to see.
Beads, beads, beads...
But hark!  Another hall! FULL to the brim of sewing, stitching, quilting...

I first found the Madeira Embroidery Competition - "Best of Blighty" - WOW

Jennifer May Lehm - Denmark

Sally Wilson

Claire Wood West Yorkshire
Close up of the larger piece above

Close up of the swimming part of the larger piece above

a bit more detail
The overall winner - Michelle Blower, Staffs
I then came across a stand featuring an outstanding piece of work by Karen Casper (click on her name to take you to her blog) who is a Mixed Media Textile Designer, the most amazing dress with soooo much detail in it.  She happily told me it took about 200 hours to do!!
and this is just a TINY part of the detail this dress features!
Byron-inspired work by Barbara Taylor

Beautiful work by Barbara Taylor

And a rather lovely chair by a student at Portsmouth College (sorry - no name!)
Beautiful Quilt by the Quilter's Guild

So all in all, a rather outstanding day! There was so much inspiration around...oh, I almost forgot - a gorgeous machine-embroidered piece by a local designer from Hove called Wendy Dolan (
Wendy Dolan, textile artist
Marie x

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