Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Light Box Tutorial and a bit of online shopping...

I have been wanting to photograph my makes for quite a while now to upload to my Etsy and Folksy shops.

Finally, the sun was shining and I took my wares out in to the garden and photographed EVERYTHING.

I followed a great tutorial from Pinterest to a lovely blog by Flax and Twine about how to build a lightbox (click here or on the image below to see how to build one yourself).


I got some much better photos than I had managed to previously...
Resin Brooch with vintage image of Paris - SOLD on Folksy - my very first shop sale, I was rather chuffed, I can tell you. 
Typewriter cushion - screen printed by moi, available on Etsy and Folksy

Audrey Hepburn Resin Pendant 
Vintage resin brooch

Marilyn Monroe Lavender Bag

Handprinted Butterfly Cushion

Marilyn Monroe Screen Printed Cushion

Lavender Bag
Then I uploaded some of my bits to Etsy and Folksy!

If anyone has online shop tips they would like to pass on, I would be delighted to hear from you!

Marie :)