Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Printing...and more printing

Natalie Wood (first ever screen print)

I have always loved the process of printing, although I have only ever done block prints before and a little etching, although the negative for this is that I don't have access to a proper press to do it.

Anyway, the one thing I haven't tried, and always wanted to, is screen printing.  I had previously been put off as it seemed as though it was going to be very complicated and require equipment I didn't have.  Then I saw a YouTube video by Bill Flowers.  Ok, so I didn't have everything to hand, but he certainly de-mystified the process.  My first attempt is the very beautiful Natalie Wood screen print you see above.  I was so happy!  I can't believe it worked out as well as it did.  Thank you Bill Flowers!  (Seriously, go to this bloke's YouTube channel, he's great.)

And then I had a go at Gelatin Plate printing.  I had tried this before but with absolutely no success what-so-ever.  Turns out I had just been using far too much ink.  So, this morning, I gave it another go - I am one happy chick-a-dee!

One of my favourites

This was an old lino print that I pressed in to the gelatin, really like how these ones printed

I love the colours on this one

I used some sizzix dies to make the stencils

Overall, I had a very productive morning!

Marie :)

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